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Our Story

The Next October initiative is a visionary project aimed at harnessing Israeli innovation to honor the memory of those lost in the October 2023 Hamas War. Next October is the right response of the Western civilized world to the evil represented by the cruel Hamas murderers who started this war. More than 1,400 startup companies will be created, building new innovative products and services which will be implemented globally and add their contributions to the creation of a better world.


This unique program proposes the establishment of a new tech startup for each fallen soldier and civilian victim of the conflict. The idea is not only to commemorate the victims but also to foster growth and progress in their memory. The Next October platform plays a central role in this vision, designed to manage and promote the initiative to investors worldwide. It plans to assign each startup to the commemoration of one of the war's victims, ensuring their names and stories are integrated into the journey of these startups from their inception to potential IPOs or acquisitions, and further.

The structure of the Next October platform is multifaceted. It serves as a bridge connecting investors with startups while assigning the names of victims and fallen soldiers to these companies. The platform will also track the progress of these commemorations over the years, suggesting various initiatives for remembrance. Moreover, it plans to add ongoing value to startups through mentorship programs and networking opportunities. Startups involved will be early-stage ventures, founded by Israelis, and present excellent investment opportunities. Importantly, the initiative emphasizes that it is not seeking donations but is encouraging qualified investors to invest in these promising, innovative Israeli tech startups.


Startups participating in the Next October initiative commit to "doing good" as a core value. They pledge to honor their chosen victims in various ways, depending on their capacity and keeping in mind the specific stories of the victims. This commitment is not just a symbolic gesture but is integrated into the operational and ethical framework of the startups. In return, these startups gain credibility, enhanced investor relations, and valuable mentorship. The initiative also plans to create a database, match companies with investors, promote them internationally, and track their progress and commemoration efforts. This comprehensive approach ensures that the memory of the victims is not only preserved but also serves as a catalyst for new growth and innovation.

Our Journey


October 7, the war started. Founding Next October


500+ Next October startups


1,400 Startups, Each Dedicated to an October 2023 Victim

Our Mission



founded by Israeli entrepreneurs




Growth Companies


Jobs Created, Fueling the Israeli Economy

Make a Difference with Next October

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